Mission Statement

“Scientists are confirming what teachers have long suspected: Music not only touches peoples souls, it also shapes growing minds. When children sing or dance to music they become better readers, thinkers and learners. The more we discover about how the brain works, the more we recognize how crucial music is to children’s learning.”

Elizabeth Lloyd Mayer, Ph.D.
Psychoanalist/University of California, Berkley

Turning Pointe Dance Center Mission Statement

For more than 27 years our school has been a leader in dance education. Our reputation for inspiring young people to be the best dancers they can be is one of the primary reasons for our success. We believe a teacher’s influence on the future of a student extends far beyond the obvious physical benefits. The faculty at TPDC is committed to motivate and challenge every student, whether at the recreational or intensive level.

Our teaching philosophy is based on instilling passion for dance while nurturing creativity. We believe that an education in dance benefits the body, mind and soul. In addition, we strive to develop confidence, self-esteem and self-discipline. We encourage teamwork and teach life skills that will help them succeed in other aspects of their lives. Students are learning what hard work and determination can accomplish.

We pledge to give you the finest dance instruction available and are committed to making each dance lesson a positive one. Our dedicated and experienced teachers look forward to sharing their passion for dance with your children, the next generation of aspiring young dancers.

Join us at TPDC and enter the world of dance.