Little Movers

(2-3 year olds)

Do you have an energetic toddler?Try one of TPDC’s Little Movers classes.This program is aTurning Pointe signature introduction to dance for 2-3 year olds. This non- recital class is appropriate for both girls and boys. It is designed to engage your child in activities such as tumbling, creative movement and the basics of ballet. Props such as hoops, ribbon dancers, the trampoline and parachute are also implemented. This ongoing program is offered in sessions of 8 weeks throughout the dance season. Enrollment is accepted at any time. Come and join us!

There is continuous enrollment for Little Movers, call 973-376-2111 any day to enroll your child!

Register in person or by mail, we do not accept online registration for Little Movers.

Download the link below to get the schedule:

Click the link below for the schedule!

Little Movers Summer Schedule 2019

Little Movers Registration 2019-2020

Little Movers Sept-Oct 2019