Performance Company

The Turning Pointe Dance Center dance team is composed of a group of students who are dedicated to the art of dance. These students exhibit a strong work ethic, taking classes in a variety of disciplines with the goal of being the best dancers they can be. Their training is accelerated. Participation in intensive workshops, often under the direction of guest choreographers, as well as classes at dance conventions, adds to the improvement of technique.

The TPDC team attends several competitions each dance season. Competitions are challenging and rewarding experiences. Besides being additional performance opportunities, competitions expose the team dancers to the performances of their peers from other studios and regions. Participation in these events builds self confidence, team spirit and friendships.

All team members must audition before a panel of judges. Auditions are held once a year and are by invitation only. The team is divided into five age divisions. Our goal is to bring serious dancers to the next level, offering them the tools they need to focus while encouraging them to be well rounded individuals and team players.

Parents of the dance team members often find that their child accepts challenges, learns to support others and excels in other areas of life because of their dance team experience.

The TPDC dance team has earned numerous awards for overall high scoring achievement. In addition to the team awards, the TPDC teachers have been cited as exceptional choreographers by winning numerous awards as well.

The 2019-2020 dance season is shaping up to be an extraordinary season and we are certainly looking forward to it!