Soar 2022 Live Stream

Please note some important information:

  • We cannot control your Internet providers limitations on streaming bandwidth.
  • Each ticket is good for 5 different stream devices ( each phone, tablet, computer, etc is considered a stream device no matter the location of the device)  If a Sixth device logins the first device will be discounted from stream.
  • All Sales are final.
  • Depending on Internet connection within Kean University, Stream sizing will vary between 1080p and 4k Services.
  • Video Feeds will be available on as well as a private domain for viewing.  The safest place to watch would be TPDC's website but if something happens, the secondary link provided below will also work. (Yellow Text)
  •  Live Stream Staff will be available for assistance via email (TPDC.Soar.LiveStream@Gmail) 30 minutes prior to start of all Shows if there are any Issues. Please Email us and expect a response within 10 minutes.
  • When purchasing a ticket, payments are made via If you already have an account, PayPal will process payment via your pre selected account settings and ticket information will be sent to your PayPal associated email.  If you do not have a PayPal account, there will be an option to pay via credit card and input an email for ticket information.  Please allow up to 10 minutes for tickets to be delivered and please check your spam.  Ticket information will come from
  • Once a ticket is received, please enter it on the Live Stream website prior to day of recital to ensure there are no issues with your tickets.  A countdown should be visible if your ticket works and the "Buy Now" Box will disappear.  Please input ticket number in section marked "Already Have Ticket" (Grey box area bottom of window with green button on right)

(Click Above Link)