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Class Placement

The faculty at TPDC meets regularly to discuss a student’s progress and placement. We are extremely careful when choosing the correct class level for each student. Placement decisions are derived from many years of teaching experience. Placement is highly individual and the factors that go into the decisions are complex. Children are often placed in a class where they will feel confident in order to promote self-esteem, as well as challenge them.

It is important to realize that students will not all progress at the same rate. The number of times per week a student studies may also influence how quickly he or she progresses. Students are easily discouraged when placed in too difficult a class and may lose their passion for dance. We encourage all of our students to work hard and become the best dancers they can be, but they must work at an appropriate level. Our goal is for dance to be a positive experience for each student.

Students may register in person, by mail or online. Returning students must register for recommended classes only.

TPDC accepts cash, checks, Visa, Mastercard for online payments. Amex (in person payments only)

Registration in-person or by mail requires a completed, signed registration form, and payment which includes a non-refundable registration fee of $20.00 per student. You may pay for the year in full or choose our installment payment plan. Please mail form to 191 Mountain Avenue Springfield, NJ 07081

Online registration is subject to approval. This program will allow you to register for classes, pay tuition, set up reoccurring payments and edit personal information. All students must have an account with email and credit card on file in DanceWorks.

Classes are filled in the order in which we receive them, and if a recommended class becomes full we will suggest an alternate.

Installment plan : Tuition bills are not mailed home. Tuition can be paid in eight installments. At time of registration, your first installment must include the first and last two installment payments plus a $20.00 registration fee per student. The remaining seven installment payments are due the first day of each month, from October through April. A reoccurring payment plan can be set up online. If a cash, check or credit card payment has been processed by the 10th of the month, the credit card on file will not be charged. Any payment received after the 10th of the month will incur a $10.00 late fee.
Any returned check will incur a $ 35.00 fee.

Any questions please feel free to call (973 376-2111) or email
**Please note we do not accept online registration for Little Movers.


Performance Company

The Turning Pointe Dance Center dance teams are composed of groups of students who are dedicated to the art of dance. These students exhibit a strong work ethic, taking classes in a variety of disciplines with the goal of being the best dancers they can be. Their dance training is accelerated. Participation in intensive workshops, often under the direction of guest choreographers, as well as classes at dance conventions, adds to the improvement of technique.
The TPDC teams attend several competitions each dance season. Competitions are challenging and rewarding experiences. Besides being additional performance opportunities, competitions expose team dancers to the performances of their peers from other studios and regions. Participation in these events builds self confidence, team spirit and friendships.
All team members must audition before a panel of judges. Auditions are held each year in the spring and are by invitation only. The dancers will be placed on an appropriate team based on both age and skill level. Our goal is to bring serious dancers to the next level by offering them the tools they need to focus while encouraging them to be well rounded individuals and team players, preparing them for competitive, collegiate and professional levels.
Parents of dance team members often find that their child accepts challenges, learns to support others and excel in other areas of life because of their dance team experience.
TPDC dance teams have earned numerous awards for overall high scoring achievement. In addition to the team awards, the TPDC instructors have been cited as exceptional choreographers by winning numerous awards as well.

Emily USTD

Emily Carr - Miss Dance of the US 2018

Little Movers

This 45 minute class for ages 2 and 3, will introduce your active toddler to the basics of ballet, tumbling, and creative movement; while focusing on the development of listening skills to follow directions. This non- recital class is appropriate for both girls and boys. It is designed to engage your child in activities such as tumbling, creative movement and the basics of ballet. Props such as hoops, ribbon dancers, the trampoline and parachute are also incorporated. This ongoing program is offered in sessions of 6 weeks throughout the dance season. There is continuous enrollment for Little Movers, please call 973-376-2111 to enroll your child! Register in person or by mail, we do not accept online registration for Little Movers.


Little Movers Registration 2021

8 weeks session $80
Wednesday Morning
Springfield - 191 Mountain Avenue
10:00am - 10:45am
October 27th — December 22nd
(No Class November 24)

Saturday Morning
Union– 565 Rahway Avenue
9:30am - 10:15am
October 23rd — December 18th
(No Class November 27)

Hula Hoop


This combination class is a fun and exciting introduction to the joys of all three styles of movement. This class focuses on simple movement to provide a positive experience for young dancers ages 3 to 6. Acrobatic floor work is taught in a fun and progressive method, while students also learn ballet fundamentals and basic tap technique.

A/B/T is one hour in length, and introduce children in preschool through 1st grade, to several styles of dance. Classes are designed to introduce young dancers to structure while encouraging confidence to explore and create. Classes channel energy, stimulate imagination and promote creativity.

Children learn about their bodies, space around them, socialization and motor skills. Students develop self esteem, concentration, behavior and respect, musicality, rhythm, memorization, coordination and become prepared for further dance studies.


The following classes are offered for students in grades 2 through 12.
Taught by our highly motivated, educated and caring instructors, in a fun and creative way. Classes are one hour in length.

Kelly S


The focus of this class is on flexibility, balance, strength and coordination. Taught in a progressions method, dancers will learn jumps, leaps, splits and tumbling on mats. In addition, skills such as cartwheels, handsprings, aerial work and agility are learned.

Turning Pointe Dance Center


The basis for all dance training. Barre, center floor work and traveling steps are taught using correct French terminology. It develops essential techniques of balance, control and memory. Ballet Also promotes flexibility and muscular strength while stressing correct body placement.


Hip Hop

Hip Hop dance is a modern fusion between jazz and street dancing. This includes a wide range of styles notably breaking, locking and popping. This popular, fun and energizing form of dance is one of the few disciplines in which personal style and creativity are considered to be very important.

Can Can Angelina 2020


This exciting dance form has its roots in the Broadway theater. Special emphasis is placed on technique, which develops the ability to move and control each part of the body. Includes warm-up to stretch each muscle group, isolations, traveling steps, leaps and turns. It helps students discover their own sense of internal rhythm, coordination and personal style.



This dance style combines elements of Ballet, Modern and Jazz dance techniques. Contemporary dance places an emphasis on dramatic interpretation of the music, with an emotional connection. It utilizes the fluidity of Ballet with the control of Modern and the freedom of Jazz.

Liv Modern 2020


This dance form emphasizes the elements of movement such as centering, gravity, posture, spatial awareness and imagery. This class also incorporates athletic movement, rhythmic and musical exploration, weight sharing and lifts. Students are also taught how to work in a group and improve their self-expression and creative skills.


Musical Theater

This form of theater combines music, songs, spoken dialogue and dance. Emotion as well as a story is communicated through words, music, movement and technical aspects. This class includes improvisation, choreography, character development and audition experience.

Turning Pointe Dance Center


A strong foundation in ballet is required before students are selected to participate in this advanced technique of ballet on pointe. Participation is by teacher recommendation only. Classes are 1 1/2 hours in length.



This American dance form is characterized by rhythmic footwork that creates a tapping sound by utilizing the ball and heel of the dancer’s shoes. This contributes to the development of musicality, which will greatly benefit students in all other forms of movement. An emphasis on tempo and balance are stressed in tap class. Students explore music elements, learn note value, beat, accent, phrase syncopation, rhythms and patterns.This helps develop the sense of musicality and rhythm, which will help in all other dance techniques.


Have your next party at our beautiful spacious Springfield location. The center is available for rental on Saturday and Sunday afternoons. Party dates fill in quickly, so please be sure to reserve dates well in advance!
Rental rates include:
• 1-1/2 hour rental of our dance/party room, including one hour of instructor led activities in your chosen theme. Activities include line dancing, limbo, tumbling, etc. Room can be rented in additional 1/2 hour increments if scheduling allows.
• Free, off-street parking.
• Clean up included.
WHEN? Any Saturday or Sunday afternoon (depending on availability).
WHERE? In our beautiful, large dance room at Turning Pointe Dance Center’s Springfield location.
WHAT KIND OF PARTY? Choose your own theme (i.e. costume, fifties, luau, limbo, tumbling, hip hop, etc.)
WHAT TO WEAR? Be creative! Ask children to dress up for chosen themes. Or, have children wear comfortable clothing that they can move around in freely. Dance shoes or sneakers.
WHAT TO BRING? We suggest that you MAKE IT SIMPLE!!! Bring plastic tablecloths so children can sit on the floor rather than use tables and chairs – it’s much safer and easier. Paper goods (plates, napkins, utensils, cups, etc). For food and refreshments, we recommend pizza, cupcakes or anything easy. Our staff will help you serve. Please bring your own candles, matches, cake server, goodie bags, etc. Mirrors may be decorated 15 minutes before start of party with balloons and streamers. (Note: We have a large music selection. Just bring any special music you require).
WHAT’S IT COST? $200.00 Cash only-paid in full at time of booking. No checks please! Over 15 children, add $10.00 per additional child. If you wish to open presents and/or need more time to serve refreshments, you may rent the party room for an additional fee of $50.00 per half hour (if scheduling permits). Please note that due to scheduling constraints no refunds can be given for cancellations.

We take care of everything – you just have fun and enjoy the party!
Call for more information, availability and rental rates.